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 Steve Resnick
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Steve has been creating magnificent works in glass for over 30 years. He began, along with his late wife Valerie, exploring the medium of glass in the 1970's and mastered the techniques of etching and carving glass in the 1980's. In the late 1980's, Steve became drawn to Judaic art and began creating explicit ritual objects. His work brought a new and contemporary flair and elegance to traditionally functional Judaic pieces. Steve was truly a pioneer in the Judaica renaissance of the past two decades.

In August 2001, Steve's wife, Valerie, suddenly passed away. While Steve was sorting through her endless notebooks and files, he found hundreds of sketches that she had only dreamed of. From these drawings, Steve has created a series of wonderful pieces. These works are numbered and signed Valerie and Steve Resnick and will be cherished by the serious collector of modern Judaica.

Each piece is individually crafted using no stencils or templates at any time. Resnick pieces can be seen in galleries across the world and are exclusive to Gallery Gair in the UK. No two pieces are alike.

This etched glass seder plate is handcrafted with images of a Jerusalem scene. It measures 13 inches square and comes with six small, clear glass bowls into which you can place your symbolic seder food.

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